Visit Kauai

"Kauai"While visiting Maui, I highly suggest extending your visit to include some of the other Hawaiian Islands. While Maui certainly is beautiful and offers plenty of simply amazing things to do to keep you entertained for the entire duration of your trip, the other islands that make up Hawaii are also quite stunning and deserve to be explored.

If island hopping sounds like something that interests you, then I suggest you include my second favorite island in this state on your trip; Kauai.

Of all of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai is the fourth largest, sits the farthest north in this island chain and is the oldest. The island is covered in lush gardens and emerald green rolling hills, pointed cliffs and valleys, which have inspired the nickname of the “Garden Isle.” Here, you will find a truly amazing outdoor paradise of ancient rainforests that are filled with native species of flora and fauna, winding river and flowing waterfalls. The juxtaposition of beautiful rainforest and amazing beaches really makes for a breathtaking sight that you will remember forever.

While visiting Kauai, there are so many ways that you can enjoy the simply and peaceful beauty of this island paradise. Hiking is perhaps the best way to see the island, as it allows you to get up close and personal with the many different species of plant and animal life that live here. Since the island is so old and covered with so much dense foliage, some areas are just not accessible and the only way that you can see them is in the air – and taking a helicopter ride over the island will give you a bird’s eye view that is absolutely to die for.

If you really want to enjoy outdoor adventures on your visit to Kauai, then you are in for a real treat. There are so many ways that you can explore and have an adventure. The Wailua River is a great location to enjoy a fun-filled kayaking ride. If you want to explore the underwater world and see some amazing specimens of marine life, then I highly suggest snorkeling at the famed Poipu Beach. For a breathtaking and fun-filled adventure, let your inner Indiana Jones out while ziplining over emerald green valleys of the island – this really is a rush.

Of course, the people of Kauai help to make the island even more special. The natives are so friendly and welcoming and are eager to share their culture with you.

So go ahead, explore more of Hawaii and visit the island of Kauai.

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